NAOSSOFT is proud to have launched a new website for Blueprints Financial, an independent insurance agency located in Laguna Hills, California.

About Blueprints Financial

Blueprints Financial is an independent agency that strives to make their members and their families their top priority. They accomplish this by helping members cultivate, maintain, and protect their wealth through all walks of life. The skilled professionals at Blueprints are advocates through today’s tough challenges, and they work with the insurance companies on clients’ behalf. This not only ensures the company focuses its efforts on members, but that members also receive high-quality services specifically tailored to them and their needs.

The agents at Blueprints Financial specialize in all types of life insurance (including mortgage protection and final expense life insurance), as well as retirement planning and portfolios. They also concentrate on debt consolidation, Health Matching accounts, and supplemental healthcare (including Medicare). The experts at Blueprints Financial work with top A+ rated carriers such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Americo, Foresters Financial, Transamerica, and various others in order to accompany all of our clients’ varying life changes. Whether a client is starting a business, retiring, getting married, buying a home, or taking any other big steps, Blueprints Financial is there with them every step of the way.

About the Website

The website can be found at The website is fast, modern, and streamlined for simplicity. Its design is sleek yet straightforward, so users can be directed toward needed resources with ease. One of the most important functions of the website is keeping its users updated and connected with critical information that is relevant to their needs.

Users can find out more about Blueprints Financial’s services, consultations, and the specific, top-rated insurance carriers that Blueprints works side-by-side with. If clients cannot find the information they need via the information on the site, they can still connect with Blueprints Financial with easy-to-access contact info listed on the site. Users can even chat directly with an experienced agent via the site’s instant chat plugin.

The website also hosts expertly crafted designs and graphics. The Blueprints Financial logo, designed by NAOSSOFT, is also featured on the site.


The new Blueprints Financial website is designed, implemented and hosted by NAOSSOFT. NAOSSOFT is a vibrant, innovative technology company. They specialize in web development, custom software development, social media marketing, web hosting, and more! NAOSSOFT identifies, designs, and implements innovative, high-value web technology solutions that can combine software applications to solve problems that affect any business in the digital environment. Using in-depth knowledge, creativity, and dedication, NAOSSOFT empowers business owners, helping them take control of their assets and paving the way towards their success.

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