Ladies Night: The Thrilling New Event at Ft. Lauderdale’s Lounge 14

If you follow Ushine Nations, South Florida’s premier Afro-Caribbean talent management company, you probably know all about the hottest events in South Florida right now. If you don’t, it’s time to discover Ladies Night! Ladies Night is an essential part of the electrifying night-life in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, taking place every Thursday at 9:00pm. The event will continue until 2:00am on Fridays. Offering great food, music, and fun, Ladies Night is an event that needs to be seen to be experienced.

A night at Ladies Night does what only the best parties can do: it helps you forget your troubles and inspires you to live in the moment! Attendees can enjoy the best of R&B, afrobeats, dance hall, soca, and kompa from special guests DJ Freezy, DJ Bigs, and DJ Slim. You can enjoy the events in style with available VIP tables. And if you miss a party, no worries! The best part is that Ladies Night is expected to take place every Thursday, so you can celebrate life over and over again.

We sat down with Michel Dubuisson, Ladies Night organizer (as well as founder and CEO of Ushine Nations), to get some insight on the event and all it has to offer.

Q: What can people look forward to at Ladies Night?

A: People coming to Ladies Night can look forward to a great vibe, good drinks, delicious food, and exceptional customer service from the staff at Lounge 14.

Q: Tell me about DJ Freezy, DJ Bigz, and DJ Slim, the guest DJs at the event. What makes you want to work with them?

A: I have been working with DJ Freezy, DJ Bigz, and DJ Slim for years. They have a wealth of deejaying experience working with many different venues. They really know their stuff! All three of them are very professional; not to mention, they each have their own substantial following on social media.

Q: Tell me about the venue. What makes you want to hold the event at Lounge 14?

A: There’s no better venue than Lounge 14 in all Ft. Lauderdale! The venue itself is not only beautiful with a lot of parking, it also boasts a fantastic location on the main road, just east of the I95. They have friendly staff and great prices for their food, drink, and hookahs.

The owners also take safety very seriously. Lounge 14 is super clean, with a strict adherence to CDC guidelines in order to best protect their customers and staff.

Q: What are your hopes for this event?

A: My hope is to create and foster a great atmosphere for a fiery fanbase in South Florida. We want Ladies Night to be a must-see event that people keep coming back to Lounge 14 and Ft. Lauderdale in order to enjoy!

More information about Ladies Night:

Ladies Night will be taking place at Lounge 14, located at 1417 E Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 from Thursdays at 9:00pm until Fridays at 2:00am. Delicious food, drinks, and hookah will be available for sale. Call 305-467-5459 for VIP tables or more information. Advance tickets will be sold on Eventbrite here: We look forward to seeing you there!

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