NAOSSOFT Staffing website exists to bring quality technology and information technology employees and organizations together for the long haul. The website features an advanced search engine that helps job seekers find a company by location, industry, job categories, and more. With just one click, users can find employment and contracting opportunities all over the world. And with free resume assessments, job fit scoring, and a committed team, exciting IT careers can be found more quickly and easily.

As part of its commitment to cybersecurity, NAOSSOFT Staffing follows all legal protocols on a local, state, national, and international scale. As a global technology company, NAOSSOFT uses its technology prowess to better protect against phishing and scams. Job seekers can make a resume private, so it’s only viewable by the employers they contact directly. Users may also be prompted to enter a verification code when a suspicious login is detected. Whether users are job seekers or employers, NAOSSOFT is committed to helping safeguard personal information as they go through their employment journey, so they can stay focused on the things that matter most to their career.

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