NAOSSOFT has developed a theater inventory lighting system for The Old Globe Theater, California’s oldest professional theater. This new system encompasses and delivers upon all of the theater’s most pressing theater lighting inventory needs.
The Old Globe is now able to work from a centralized state-of-the-art IT system providing improved usability for end-users. Allowing operation from a common dashboard, with the ability to run reports with more reliability for their operations including better protection and management of their organization’s assets.

About the New System

For years, the team at The Old Globe had been using a bogged down, convoluted Excel spreadsheet to detail every aspect of their lighting inventory. The team realized they needed a new solution that could keep up with the quickly growing demands of multiple theater venues. With multiple shows to perform and venues to run, The Old Globe Lighting team needed a system that could reliably display and process its wide variety of inventory needs. The new system was conceived when The Old Globe Lighting team approached NAOSSOFT in search of a solution to an outdated and counterproductive inventory system.

The Old Globe team requested a customized inventory system that is fully aligned with their business process and operations instead of a one size fits all. The theater required a tailored, high-tech inventory system, but Old Globe team members were worried they wouldn’t be able to afford the normally exorbitant cost of such a system. That’s where NAOSSOFT came in. NAOSSOFT created a brand new system with all the customization they needed—at the right price.

The system is built in .NET (dotNET) which is the perfect option for building interoperable apps. The application offers flawless user experience across a wide range of platforms. The versatility offered by .NET also allowed us to create a seamless web and enterprise-graded application.

Using a secure login, team members can safely and easily access the modern and cleanly designed system. The new theater inventory system opens up with a streamlined dashboard with crucial inventory statistics at a glance. The system covers all Old Globe venues, including real-time load-in and load-out dates, preventing inventory from being taken from a venue that needs it at that time. By displaying upcoming load-ins and load-outs, users can determine exact points inventory needs to be resolved. Users can then resolve these inventory needs at the press of a button: should a user notice an inventory gap, the “resolve action” button will direct them to a page where they can resolve it by using or adding to Old Globe’s current inventory.

A streamlined source list displays which venue an item comes from, and an item status list displays which items need to be repaired or sold. Critical items, such as needed inventory, even come with a search bar: this search bar lets users search venue (source), item name, or event name. Most inventory records and tables are printer-friendly, making meetings and problem-solving that much simpler. Using the sidebar on the left, the system also offers easy access to a number of critical items, including events, tech support, settings, and more. The collapsable footer on each page allows users to create and submit a ticket to tech support, should they ever run into technical issues.

About The Old Globe

The Old Globe Theater dba The Old Globe is a not-for-profit California organization located in San Diego, California. The Old Globe is a Tony Award-winning Theater and is one of the country’s leading professional regional theatres. It has stood as San Diego’s flagship arts institution for over 80 years. The Old Globe produces a year-round season of 15 productions of classic, contemporary, and new works on its three Balboa Park stages. More than 250,000 people attend Globe productions annually and participate in the theatre’s Arts Engagement programs.

The Old Globe’s mission is to preserve, strengthen, and advance American theatre by: creating theatrical experiences of the highest professional standards; producing and presenting works of exceptional merit designed to reach current and future audiences; ensuring diversity and balance in programming; and providing an environment for the growth and education of theatre professionals, audience and the community at large.


The Old Globe Theater’s new theater inventory system was designed, implemented and powered by NAOSSOFT. NAOSSOFT is a vibrant, innovative technology company. They specialize in web development, custom software development, social media marketing, web hosting, and much more! Some companies just create a bare-bones website and call it a day, but NAOSSOFT is different. The professionals at NAOSSOFT truly listen to their clients’ needs and act accordingly. NAOSSOFT identifies, designs, and implements innovative, high-value web technology solutions that can combine software applications to solve problems that affect any business in the digital environment. Using in-depth knowledge, creativity, and dedication.

NAOSSOFT empowers business owners, helping them take control of their assets and paving the way towards their success.

ClientThe Old Globe
Created byNaossoft LLC
CompletedApril 18, 2022
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