NAOSSOFT has developed a complete website for Radio Tele Conquete D’Indiana, a gospel tele and radio station serving Indianapolis, IN and beyond. The website can be found at

About Radio Tele Conquete D’Indiana

Radio Tele Conquete D’Indiana is Indiana’s premier Christian, news, and gospel music radio station. They seek to inform and inspire all of their listeners as well as help foster their relationship with God. Listeners can also stay up-to-date with relevant news, and of course, enjoy some of the best gospel music on the radio! They believe fervent and consistent prayers and support are tools God uses to broadcast His message of love, hope, and salvation to Indiana and beyond. The station is made up of a group of believers in Christ striving to work and worship together over the radio, web, social media and to create compelling media that play contemporary Haitian gospel music and others from all over the world.

About the Website

A Google translator has been incorporated to help Radio Tele Conquete D’Indiana better serve its diverse listener base. This tool allows customers to translate the site from English into French, Spanish, or Haitian Creole and back with just one click. NAOSSOFT has also incorporated a “Listen Now” button that allows users to listen to the radio station’s livestream, broadcasted 24/7. Users also have easy access to music videos from featured artists as well as videos from the station’s YouTube channel.

The website also allows users to learn more about Radio Tele Conquete D’Indiana’s mission and their 24 hour schedule which allows them to commit to that mission all day, every day. As a listener-supported radio station, Radio Tele Conquete D’Indiana survives on listener donations so that they can continue to serve their community. Donors can make an even more substantial impact by becoming a monthly patron. The website provides multiple channels for giving and support, which keeps the station running: listeners can donate via Zelle, Cash App, or by sending their donation to the Treasury.


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