NAOSSOFT Launches New Website and Online Food Ordering System for Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant 

NAOSSOFT has developed a complete restaurant website with reservations, pickup and online food ordering system for Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant, a Haitian restaurant in Indianapolis, IN. The website can be found at 

About Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant 

The goal of the Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant website is to provide current and potential clients information about the Haitian culture and cuisine, but more importantly, it allows everyone to discover and enjoy  Haitian cuisine. The culinary team at Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant is talented, experienced, and dedicated to providing superior authentic Haitian dining. Its servers are ready to give excellent service and in-depth knowledge at any and every turn. Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant delivers the finest for any occasion. Their dishes are infused with the freshest local ingredients along with passion and care. 

About the Website

The restaurant industry is one of the hardest-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them typically rely on in-person dining to generate revenue, but social distancing guidelines have prevented people from congregating, especially in close quarters. Whether a customer needs to reserve a table, order online for pickup and delivery, or cater their next event, the new system has them covered.

In light of the pandemic, some restaurants have found business via online food delivery. Although there are an abundance of food delivery apps and platforms, they tend to charge the restaurant very high commission fees. This often leaves restaurant owners with no choice but to mark up the prices of items to offset these fees, making customers and owners unhappy. The new system from NAOSSOFT is owned and operated by Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant, so they can take back control of their business. The platform is a free open source ordering platform, meaning the owner doesn’t have to purchase the online system or pay commission on orders. 

Implementing a new system takes time, no matter the circumstances. For this reason, NAOSSOFT has worked closely with the owner of Bon Appetit Haitian Restaurant throughout the entire process. With thorough research—all in consultation with the owner—NAOSSOFT was able to find and work based on the owner’s specific business needs. Customers can set up catering events as well as book private events via the website. Users can even watch some of the day-to-day activities of the restaurant, including the making of expertly crafted meals or footage of special events. 

Multiple pickup options enable contactless delivery and pickup orders to minimize exposure and keep staff and clients safe and business running. With the help of the website ordering widget, NAOSSOFT has added a “See Menu & Order” button to the website for receiving orders. Orders can be processed through the website, Facebook, or a mobile app, and payments can be accepted via Clover, PayPal, or Stripe. The system also allows customers to tip delivery drivers and service staff. Orders with Facebook Smart Links enable customers to order straight from the Bon Appetit Facebook business page, all while being engaged with the active promos at the top of the menu. With real-time ordering, customers stay engaged while the restaurant reviews the order and displays the order confirmation in real time. Online ordering works for mobile devices as well, so customers can conveniently order from wherever they are. The Order for Later option allows customers to order in the moment and schedule a later pickup or delivery, so orders can be taken 24/7!

The website allows for full control over every aspect of the site. The delivery configuration tool allows owners to draw their own delivery areas, no matter how big or small. They can simply draw their desired delivery zone and tweak it according to their business needs. Owners can even pause online ordering for holidays or other reasons, and they can resume whenever they are ready. 


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