For any company, picking a name and designing a logo that depicts the vision is a long and difficult process. We knew as an advanced technology company, our name was already out there somewhere in the galaxy. Stars are amazing, but their origin, rareness, and composition will surprise you — particularly Naos (the Zeta Puppis). Naos is composed of matters that form a nuclear fusion. This in turn creates an illuminating and the brightest light in space. But while all stars are marvelous, the Naos star is in a category of its own, a game changer. In fact, it is 22,000 times more luminous than the sun. It is extremely hot – reaching temperature above 42,000 Kelvin. It has a distance of 1400 light years and, a mass that is 60 times heavier than the sun. With so much heat and nuclear fusion, Naos visually appear in its beautiful illuminating ultraviolet form making it a unique star. That great amount of heat, energy, and brightness generate erratic wind blowing 2300 kilometers per second. Naos is evolving, and changing overtime. It is uncommon, the supergiant star has been ejected from another galaxy to become what has been discovered. Naos is bright, hot, rare, and unique, all characteristics of NAOSSOFT.


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