When we first started as a company, we really did not spend much time on our company website. We rushed into launching a simple website, we were more interested in applying our skills and resources in building for our clients rather than investing in our company site. Our CEO wasn’t happy with that idea as he said, “it starts with us and we should lead by example.” Our website should be part of our portfolio, an example of what we can offer our customers. After all, we built it and we can do the same if not exceeding our client’s expectations. A massive project was initiated to improve Naossoft website, to make it user friendly, and lay our services and portfolios in a manner that is easy to comprehend. We should be what our client aspires to be. The best compliment we received from one of our clients was that a potential customer was hesitant to approach their accounting firm thinking that they may be too expensive to hire because their website is so professional and flawless. Our client even joked about downgrading the design.

So many advancements have been made in software, it is now easier more than ever to build a website yourself through the following: Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Webnode, Duda, GoDaddy, and others. While these software programs can assist anyone, they unfortunately do not include all the components. They are in fact the reason why there are millions of poorly designed websites on the internet. In addition, most entrepreneurs want to concentrate on their business instead of trying to become developers themselves. More importantly, it takes more to create a masterpiece website such as NAOSSOFT and any of our client’s websites. NAOSSOFT values branding, we have a team composed of graphic designers, artists, copywriters, and software developers assigned to web development projects. Trust NAOSSOFT to develop a system that reflects your ideas and meets strategic objectives of your business. We know time is precious. We stay on it, and work hard to reduce development time and deliver better products. NAOSSOFT is a vibrant innovative company, technology is at the heart of everything we do. We will identify, design and implement innovative, high-value web technology solutions that can combine software applications with a client-facing role to solve problems that affect your business in the digital environment. Our goals is to drive improvements in processes, services and products offered by our clients through forward-thinking solutions. We are at the forefront of game-changing solutions, we help businesses revolutionize the way they use technology to solve problems that affect global industries.

Created byNaossoft LLC
CompletedDecember 2019
SkillsBusiness Consulting, Copywriting, Legal, Video Animation, Software Industry Expertise, Web Design, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML, API, Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing.


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