As one of our earliest customers and partners, CEO Michel Dubuisson is a regular at NAOSSOFT. He has tasked us with developing a website for his new private luxury and non-emergency medical transportation company, Radiant Transit LLC. In fact, he got us involved very early on in the process: we helped him find a name for his business, created the logo, developed all of the social marketing, and constructed the website. In addition, NAOSSOFT was contracted to provide digital marketing for Radiant Transit.

Mr. Dubuisson saw a need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) during the pandemic. He noticed that every time a patient used some form of transportation, especially ride sharing, they got exposed to viruses, COVID-19 in particular. Most patients who use non-medical transportation are the most vulnerable: elderly, the disabled, or people with chronic illnesses. When these groups of people catch the coronavirus, the chances of death occurring rise because of their existing medical conditions and weaker immune systems. Radiant Transit wants to save lives by becoming one of the few transportation organizations that follows CDC guidelines. Mr. Dubuisson understands that it can be hard for patients and clients to find safe, professional, and reliable transportation. He also understands the importance of luxury transportation to alleviate the stress of travel and special events. Thus he started this company; he is using his medical and transportation background to ensure that people can find reliable and trustworthy transportation.

ClientRadiant Transit LLC
Created byNaossoft LLC
CompletedJuly 30th, 2020
SkillsBusiness Consulting, Copywriting, Legal, Transportation Industry Expertise, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML, API, Appointment Service Integration, Marketing, SEO, Press Release, and more.


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