The CEO of Signature Approved Multi Services Office (RDSAMSO), Raoul Desormes is a long-time friend. The CEO of NAOSSOFT built his first business website 16 years ago while he was in college. After the two lost contact, Raoul hired another company to build his website. They overcharged him by thousands of dollars, but as a financial guru, he was smart enough to know when to end a business relationship. As a result, that web design company took his website and domain name hostage. Raoul was very concerned and contacted NAOSSOFT. We went to great lengths to extract all of his data, acquired a new domain more in line with his business, and delivered his new website. Raoul’s friends and family were all impressed with our work, particularly his son because of how professional and responsive (accessible via mobile, ipad, laptop, and PC) the site is now.


RDSAMSO is thrilled to count you among current and prospective clients. Hopefully, you’ll find in their array of services an area in which we can assist you. And if you are already one of those clients who were satisfied with SAMSO’s services, please remember to recommend them to co-workers, friends, and loved ones. The staff at RDSAMSO understands that clients sharing their individual satisfaction with others is the best advertising. We extend to you in advance our heartfelt thanks for simply recommending us to your close friends and loved ones. Our best regards.

ClientRDSAMSO / Raoul Desormes
Created byNaossoft LLC
CompletedDecember 17th, 2019
SkillsBusiness Consulting, Legal, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML, Marketing, SEO, Data Migration

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