Ushine Nations CEO Michel Dubuisson was not looking for a simple website: he wanted to incorporate a system that would allow Ushine Nations to organize entertainment events and sell tickets online. We did a proof of concept and presented it to him, and he was impressed on how quickly we captured his vision and brought it to reality. Ushine Nations is a dedicated and committed organization with the prime goal of providing a broad range of top-of-the-line services to Caribbean artists. Ushine Nations offers services to ensure performance artists and their families attain maximum benefits and stay secure from future uncertainties. Ushine Nations assesses their clients’ life goals to see what they are looking to accomplish both now and in the future. After assessment, their team will present artists with the best services and course of action to meet their needs and goals. They value the hard work and dedication of the artist community and aspire to provide them and their families’ the most premier services available.

ClientUshine Nations Entertainment / Michel Dubuisson
Created byNaossoft LLC
Completed24 June 2019
SkillsBusiness Consulting, Legal, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML, Marketing, SEO

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