NAOSSOFT approached Elie and offered our services a year before. His firm was right in the middle of tax season – their busiest time of the year. We became friends and stayed in communication, and even talked about the project, his vision and the challenges. We treat all our customers and potential customers as part of the NAOSSOFT family, and our main goal is to help them market their products and services effectively. The key here, NAOSSOFT understands how challenging it can be for a business to find time for other projects. We assured Sam that we would take care of it all. As part of the agreement with Sam Tax & Multi-Services LLC (STMS), NAOSSOFT agreed to do the copywriting (content writing) in addition to the web development while Sam and his team remain focus on their business operations. We ensured that every deliverable was reviewed and approved accordingly by Sam. Sam as a developer himself is a visionary and had specific technical requirements. After all, his company Sam Tax & Multi-Services LLC is a leading tax preparation company in Indianapolis, IN.
As requested, a google translator was incorporated as STMS serves a remarkably diverse customer base, the tool allows customers to translate the site into their own language from English, French Creole to Filipino. A square up appointment tool has also been integrated to allow customers to book and secure appointments with STMS staff. The website is easy to navigate and broken down into area of services provided. This makes it easier for customers to focus on the service that they are interested in. The site was built in WordPress Content Management System which will make it easy for STMS staff to update content on their own without the help of developers. This is a win for STMS especially during tax season when providing updated tax information to customers is crucial. The STMS email was integrated into Microsoft 365 which allows them to use Microsoft Outlook and other software from the Microsoft suite. We were all thrilled to debut the website, we issued a press release that got picked up by all major news outlet, below are a few:

ClientSam Tax & Multi-Services LLC
Created byNaossoft LLC
CompletedFriday, July 17th, 2020, 2:26 AM EDT
SkillsBusiness Consulting, Copywriting, Legal, Tax Industry Expertise, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML, API, Appointment Service Integration, Microsoft 365, Marketing, SEO, Press Release, and more.


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