NAOSSOFT has had a long-standing relationship with the church for years. The CEO of NAOSSOFT and family attended the church in their youth, and his mother is still a very active member. We talked about building a site for the church for years, but that never really materialized. In fact, our first and longtime customer CEO Raoul of SAMSO is a member and one of the leaders at the church. He acted as the project manager – coordinating between the church and NAOSSOFT. He knew all along what NAOSSOFT was capable of. The unfortunate coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed everything, and the need to get the church online suddenly became crucial. We worked together and quickly came up with a plan to build a website for the church. At such a time it becomes so important for members to rally and pray, but most houses were in lockdown, and everyone had to keep their distance.

We knew right away which key features and technologies would be critical to the success of this project. NAOSSOFT integrated the church seamlessly with live video and social media streaming to allow the church to broadcast and share sermons and other events. They can now hold services online as well as using teleconferences. Since members were no longer attending church in person, the church needed a way to collect tithes online. We partnered with and integrated their payment solution, which makes giving to the church simple and fast. NAOSSOFT also incorporated a calendar function to display service dates and times, as well as other activities, right on the homepage. The church website is responsive: it can be accessed via any device, including desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet. Since the church is diverse, we also incorporated Google language translation. At Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church, the most imperfect are welcome because none of us is perfect, and anyone can be redeemed through Jesus. As it is not human work, but a divine undertaking between God and man, transformation surely happens when we let the Lord replace our weakness with His strength and grace.

ClientMiami First Haitian Free Methodist Church
Created byNaossoft LLC
CompletedMay 30th, 2020
SkillsBusiness Consulting, Copywriting, Legal, Tax Industry Expertise, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML, API, Appointment Service Integration, Microsoft 365, Marketing, SEO, Press Release, and more.

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